"I heard the Lord saying...The structure of the church now 'rest' upon the base of the Kingdom.  God is renewing HIS vows with us, as a "love promise" that never fails.  He's looking beyond all faults and meeting all needs. He searches the heartache and widen the life valves that His blood might flow, removing all infirmities and signs of pain. He's examining the fears by casting  down every imagination and ushering us from dangers which proves that fears are  in violation of 'perfected love'.   Disappointments are challenging the emotional draw backs of our completion as we  fight to fulfill God's expectations for our life, and in the process, hope comes and rescue the believers mind that we may once again understand that it is Christ in us the HOPE of GLORY. 

As we look at the whole picture we realize that we
are God's "Work of Art" and He will present us faultless as He lead us back through the history of our scriptural beginning, which is John 3:16 ,"For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life"...

Pastor Mary L. Johnson

The word 'GAVE' is the base of it all...a conquering 'word' for a difficult time
that becomes the 'new anchor' that holds fast to God's Word bringing
us to an 'abundant' life. Therefore, let us remember that God gave His Son, His Son gave His life, that we might GIVE!   The revelation this week simply states that the manifestation of our 'labor' should always be "God  IVisible  Essence!" 

8/17/09-Vol. 1(c)
— Pastor Mary L. Johnson

"In Loving Remembrance of Our Founder"